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Avail personalized aerial drone photography Bayside Melbourne services today!

Want to click photos from angles previously ignored? Want to give your real estate business a boost with classy pictures and real shots?

We transform ordinary images into classic and breathtaking shots with our drone photography Bayside services. We also offer a range of shots that include 3D surveying maps as well as digital elevation models.

With professional drone photographers on our team, we aim to offer high-class and highly valuable photography services through their experience and expertise.

Before getting the drones onto the surveying site, we ensure that the drone pilots are well-trained and get the necessary idea into running the drones on the site.

How we work in real estate?

If you are planning for drone construction site photography, here’s what you need to know about the process.

  • We aim to understand your requirements with respect to drone photography. Our main aim is to understand what kind of shots you are looking for, and what you aim to use them for.
  • Once clear with the requirements, we conduct drone surveying Bayside to understand the site details, the lighting in the site and other factors before rolling in the drone photography
  • We choose the type of photos that are required to meet your ultimate goals
  • We offer a portfolio sample for you to choose from, which helps us understand the type of shots you are likely to endorse
  • Finally, our team of experts run the drone on the site, and get high class photos for you

Why work with us?

  • Offer top-notch real estate photography Bayside Melbourne
  • Licensed and experienced pilots on the team
  • CASA certified and fully insured
  • Training provided before pilots run the drone
  • Survey the entire site before allowing the drone photography
  • Fast turnaround time for the photos
  • Eliminate all sorts of errors that can occur with clicking photos of the real estate site
  • Complete site survey that showcases the highlight of the location.

If you want commercial and authentic drone construction site photography Bayside, connect with us via phone or email.

Talk to us about your job requirements and let us create a custom drone based solution for your company.