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South East Melbourne

Extend the life of your facility or building with regular drone roof inspection.With our top-rated and highly warranteed roof inspection services with drones, we help know the damage done to the roofing systems. We help know whether the sections of the roof that are essential to your property are accessible or not. We ensure roof inspections with high levels of accuracy and precision, leaving no room for errors.

Why you need a drone roof inspection?

  • As part of the drone construction site photography, you need to be aware how good or bad the real estate property is at the moment.
  • The drone inspections gives you a complete insight into the property irrespective of the weather and other conditions, which can deter other inspection types
  • The drone inspection is a revolutionary way of inspecting and reporting the property, thus hastening the way in which things are being resolved.
  • With a thorough inspection, you can always save yourself the trouble of minting out the extra money in getting the repairs done
  • Finally, the drone inspection proves to be a one-time investment for the company, which gives thorough details. The other inspection types fail to offer this thoroughness to you
  • They speed up the process of inspection.

How we conduct drone surveying South East Melbourne?

We have drones with high resolution cameras that are piloted by the experts. We detail out the plan for real estate photography South East Melbourne before sending the drones for thorough inspection

We have a detailed model of the building that needs to be surveyed before modeling them into a drone-based plan

We ensure that the drones fly close to the roof for complete inspection of the roofs. We also have a plan in place for the repair and replacement of the structures being recorded through the drones for your convenience.

We offer no-risk solutions with the drone mapping South East Melbourne. We are CASA certified and fully insured.

Talk to us about your job requirements and let us create a custom drone based solution for your company.