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Are you planning a long-term, large-scale construction project? Do you want a complete insight into the raw material stockpiles being utilized on a daily basis? Do you want a look into the consumption of raw materials and regular inventory management and analysis for the project on hand?Drone photography Melbourne can help you achieve aerial mapping of the construction site regularly in a cost-effective way. Our drone construction site photography will also help you speed up the inventory management without complicating the process. We have a team of experts who are experienced in real estate photography, and will offer the perfect solutions for stockpile calculations as well as aerial mapping of the site.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a wide range of drones and other special equipment required for the photography of the construction site
  • We have the expertise as well as the experience of working in the construction industry, which allows us to offer the right solutions for your needs
  • We ensure high quality and safe equipment usage for the solutions we are offering Our drone surveying Monash is highly accurate and precise, which gives us an edge over the competition
  • CASA certified and fully insured
  • We also offer drone roof inspection, thus giving you a thorough understanding of the construction site and what it lacks
  • We offer clear and detailed map view of the construction site, thus making projections easy for the end client

Drone Mapping Services We Offer

  • Topographic mapping of the construction site
  • The route surveys for the construction site
  • Utility inspections
  • Waste dumping site inspection in and around the site
  • Construction monitoring

How we work?

  • Based on your requirement, we build a base structure for the drone mapping Monash that you are planning to get done
  • We then define the survey type and the entire route map for the same
  • Once we have defined the requirements, the goals and the route map, we begin with the process
  • At the end of the data collection, we build insights and in some cases even help with solutions and calculations for the end clients.
Talk to us about your job requirements and let us create a custom drone based solution for your company.